About That Bet…

Although I have been with the same company for almost 21 years I have had several other jobs over the years. Grocery clerk, Landscaping construction, lawn maintenance, Photographer’s assistant, ISP tech support, IT Desktop support, carpet layer and roofer are just a few. I have also worked at quite a few different restaurants, which makes sense considering that I run them for a living.

I spent a couple of months back in the early nineties working in a Mexican/Latin joint. That was OK. The food was good and I already knew the owners. They are a couple of really nice guys from Puerto Rico and have done very well for themselves here.

Anyway, one of the owners grew his own vegetables for the restaurant, at least the spices and fresh peppers. One day he brought in some Jabeneros and one of them bet me that I could not eat the entire thing without spitting it out. Of course when I went home from work that day my wallet was $10 heavier (which was a big deal at that time) and I was shitting fire for two days after that. Holy crap. They don’t call it the hottest pepper in the world for nothing.