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It’s interesting how many different social networking sites there are now. All but a few of them really seem more directed to gaining web traffic to your site rather than doing any type of actual social networking. One that I have come across recently is PMBuzz is a social networking site for the New York City community. All of the content is user driven and includes photographs, blogs and other multimedia and gives a glimpse into some of the best things that New York City has available.

The site itself is still in Beta but like a lot of sites is an open beta that is more of a full release that will evolve and change. It’s funny how many sites call themselves beta at first, sort of like a cool buzz word.

The site itself is fairly attractive without being too flashy. Right on the front page there are listings for the most popular clubs as picked by the users, photographs, blogs and most importantly people. The site was created for the night life community, for the folks that are out late hanging at the clubs. It’s for the people that go there as well as the entertainers and DJs.

There are lists to sign up for to get notified of events at your favorite clubs so that you can make plans ahead of time, which is always a good thing and you can send messages to your friends on the service so that they will know when and where to meet you. MySpace does this sort of thing but it is so huge and spammy now, whereas something like PMBuzz allows you to be part of a much more local community of people with the same interests in the same area.