Friday Night Lights, indeed…

The Villa Rica vs Haralson County game was pretty good. The wife and kids did end up going, as a matter of fact we all rode together. I set up a table near the concession stand for the seniors to fill out a ticket and then I drew two names shortly before half time. It was kind of slow, I didn’t have a lot of names to draw from but it was enough. They announce the two kids and then during half time we collected them and went out on the field.

The both got to kick from the 10yd line and one of them made the kick, which was great. That means that he, along with the girl from the first home game and anyone that makes it next week get to do the kick off at the Villa Rica vs Carrollton game in two weeks.

Next week is Homecoming so I think I may just pack a sandwich and get there a couple of hours early so that I can get a parking space. It was packed tonight and even getting there an hour early it was hard to find a place to park.

The score when I left during half time was 28-14 visitors, which sucked but even before we left the wife said she thought that we would lose, Haralson County has a pretty good team this year.

I enjoyed the game and although I was in a pretty bad mood earlier I am looking forward to the next couple of Friday nights.