High School Football

The wife and girls love to attend the High School Football games every year. I have to admit that they are pretty fun, but I am having to attend the home games this year in a work-related capacity.

Our company has gotten together with about five of the local schools and during the home games this year (only four for Villa Rica) we are having the seniors sign up for a drawing. Shortly before half time we draw a couple of names and then find the kids. After the bands play during half time and the clock is set at three minutes we go out out on the field with the folks whose names were drawn and they get to try and kick a field goal. During the first home game one of the girls in the band made it, which was pretty cool.

At the last game of the season everyone who has kicked a field goal is going to have a kick-off and the winner gets a $1000 scholarship to whatever college they are going to attend. It’s a pain in the ass to have to work on a Friday night, but this is a really nice thing to do and I won’t complain about working because of that.

Unfortunately I will end up in the paper tomorrow morning or Monday, which I don’t like, but that’s just part of it I guess.