It pains me to talk about getting air miles as much as I hate flying, but it’s inevitable that I will end up flying again in the next year on at least one of our vacations. Since I already know that the next vacation I book I will have to fly I have been trying to start saving airline miles so that I can go free. Free is always nice. To that end, with some of my Christmas shopping I have been visiting for deals.

Shop4Miles lets you start earning airline miles just for signing up and with each purchase at the online mall you earn more. Buying the Garmin Nuvi is worth 800 miles by itself, while the StreetPilot is worth 1800 miles. They very quickly add up depending on what you are buying. I already get 90% of my gifts and stuff online anyway, so it’s as good a place as any, particularly when I am getting decent incentives back just for shopping with them.


Shop4Miles has everything from Books and Magazines to Computers, toys, BBQ Grills and movies. The prices are really good as well. The cool thing about using Shop4Miles as a comparison shopping site is that the way they make their money from advertisers is that the advertisers only have to pay a commission to them when a purchase is made, and part of that commission is sent back to the purchaser in the form of airline miles. They also transmit everything electronically, so you don’t have to wait months on end for snail mail to bring you a form letter.