One Way To Get Rid of Cell Phones

Although I have several (quite a few actually) old cell phones stashed in my desk drawer, some of them broken, I can’t seem to bring myself to throw them out (how’s THAT for a run on sentence by golly?!). My local Verizon dealer has a bin where I can take them and dump them but that’s 20 miles away and I just never seem to find the free time to just go get rid of them. Apparently I’m not the only one because something like 100 million cell phones are retired each year according to CellForCash, who offers us a way to recycle cell phones and actually pays cash for them. Very sweet. There is quite a bit of useful information over at their site. Here is the latest press release from CellForCash.

This America Recycles Day Wants to Pay You to Recycle Your Old Cell Phones More than 100 million cell phones are retired each year in the United States, and most are just stashed away adding to an already hazardous stockpile. lets you upgrade without the guilt when you sell your old cell phone online. OCALA, FL, November 14, 2007 –- Has the latest cell phone in the TV commercials got your number? Do you want to upgrade your feature-challenged cell phone for the feature-rich model and do the right thing for the environment? enables you to upgrade without the guilt by recycling your old cell phone for cash. Over the last few years the environmental hazard discarded cell phones can cause has become a growing concern. Research has found cell phones to leach hazardous levels of lead when disposed of in landfill conditions. As a result, programs banning electronic devices from regular trash pickups are becoming more common throughout the country. Some research suggests that less than 10% of cell phones are recycled. Others say only about 5% of people will recycle their old cell phones, and a few actually do throw them in the garbage. In any event, every month more and more cell phones are added to the stockpile. “America Recycles Day is a great time to remind people that the old cell phone they have stashed away shouldn’t be trashed,” said James Mosieur, CEO of RMS Communications, the company that operates “Responsibly recycling an old cell phone is free, easy, and it may even come with a payoff.” Mosieur encourages people to visit before buying a new cell phone. “Consumers should be determined to recycle even before they choose a new phone,” he says. “Besides, getting $20 for your old phone could make the difference between getting the model you want and just settling for the one you can afford”. pays for over 600 different models of used cell phones and then re-markets them around the world. Payouts range from just a few dollars to well over $200 for each qualifying cell phone. If your phone does not qualify for payment, will recycle it for free. Printing a pre-paid mailing label from the website and handing the package to your postman is a lot more convenient than going to the local landfill. Some recycled cell phones are used in the company sponsored 911 Cell Phone Bank program, which provides no-cost emergency cell phones to the elderly and victims of abuse throughout the country. Over 1,500 cell phones are donated to law enforcement and other agencies every month. “Phone upgrades do create a dilemma for the environmentally responsible, especially since most people already have a few stockpiled,” Mosieur said. “But as more consumers learn about recycling solutions like, they’ll realize there is an immediate payoff for recycling; cash today and a healthy environment in the future.” About pays cash for used cell phones, and makes the process simple by displaying the phones it will buy and the prices it will pay for them right on the web site. It also provides sellers with already-addressed, postage-paid mailing boxes. The site lists over 600 models from 21 manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Samsung. For more information visit the web site at ####

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