At Least Some Companies ‘Get’ It…

I had the post about Valour-IT up for about a week or more here sitting on the top of my blog. Through the period leading up to Veteran’s Day Soldiers’ Angels held their third annual fundraiser and with the help of web sites and blogs all over the world were able to raise over $200,000. That is great! Thanks to everyone that donated to help out during the fundraiser. It even got my buddy Zonker out of the closet to post for a few days. Amazing…BTW dude, I added your link back in, I had inadvertently deleted it and didn’t realize it until I went looking. Sorry about that.

Anyway, The Gallery Collection is the leading supplier of business holiday cards and just recently it was announced at Soldiers’ Angels that they have made a fairly sizeable donation. Anyone that runs a business knows that giving away your product for free might be one way to create awareness about your products but it can be an extremely expensive proposition because it cuts into your profits. I know because we do things on a smaller scale in the community, mainly for schools and every dime I give away is basically a dime out of my paycheck but the feeling you get being able to help out is unmatchable. Kudos to The Gallery Collection for their donation.

It might not seem like a lot but they are donating a greeting card to every soldier that wishes them Happy Holidays and Happy New Year and tells them thanks for their service. They are also putting in blank cards and envelopes for the troops to write home as well. The cards are being included in care packages that are being sent out by Soldiers’ Angels.

Even though the Veteran’s Day fundraiser might be over, you can still donate year round to Soldiers’ Angels, just go to their web site.

I know one thing and that is that I support the companies that support our soldiers, so here is a plug for The Gallery Collection.


They have a pretty nice selection of different holiday cards for businesses and not just Christmas cards either. I found some Thanksgiving cards over there as well as many different Christmas cards for all manner of gifts. They even have calendar cards and die-cut cards to choose from.

I am lousy about sending out Christmas cards and every year I say that I am going to send them out and never do. I think that this year I will start on a smaller scale and just physically hand them out to all of my employees and managers. Next years I can deal with the whole mailing thing.