I Hate the Holidays…

I don’t really hate them but this is the hardest time of the year for me in my job. It used to be that after every single vacation, weekend off or major holiday in which my family got together I would refresh my resume on Monster.com and start looking for a new job. Yeah, sometimes it’s that difficult. I’m not quite that bad now. I don’t know if I am used to it or if it’s just resignation to what I do but it doesn’t bother me quite as much after vacations anyway.

The period from Halloween through New Years is rough though. Take this week for instance. Tomorrow I will go to work at 6am and get home around 10pm if I am lucky. Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I have to leave the house at 6 and if (big iff this year) everyone shows up for work I will shoot out of there shortly after 2pm and go have Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. If someone hangs me I am pretty much fucked and they have supper without me.

Friday because of all of the fucking idiots that are out shopping before the crack of dawn I will be at work at 5-5:30am and will most likely cook the busiest shift of the year. Of course Christmas Day will be busier overall and I will end up working 20+ hours but Friday I will stay slammed from 6am until about 3pm.

Saturday will be a normal weekend day of work (aside from the fact that I have no manager at one of my stores) but the wife will be driving my son back to NC and my brother and his family will also head home so by the time I get home again I will be by myself for the night.

What a pisser.

Anyone ready to start paying me for this shit yet?

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  1. It seems that you like to be busy all the time. It is good but sometimes it can make your health worsen. Please take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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