Win a $150 Gift Certificate!!!

Want to win a $150 gift certificate? It won’t be in time to buy a Christmas gift but it would be right on the money to get yourself something for being a good little boy or girl…

I would probably enter the contest myself but since it’s my brother AND I already have a copy of the darned book there might be issues there 🙁

All you have to do to enter the contest is to buy a copy of Republic:

Buy yourself a copy of the book by December 23rd and email the receipt to Charles Sheehan-Miles (you can get his email address from the blog entry) and then go write a review of the book at Amazon. Simple, no? It’s a damn good book and just the thing to stoke your big brother fears!

When you purchase the book and write a review that’s worth one entry and when you buy a copy for someone else as a gift that’s worth TWO!

He will do a video drawing on Christmas Eve and have it posted with the winner by midnight that night. If you are going to enter you had better buy the book early because most likely he will be at my house for the holidays and I don’t want to be up filming at dark-thirty and then have to get back up…

The link?

Oh yeah, the link to his blog entry is here and the gift certificate is for either or iTunes, your choice.