You Know What Sucks About Being Home Alone?

Feeding myself…

No, really. I don’t cook if I’m at home alone, hell I barely cook now when they are here as it is. I used to cook all the time but over the years the wife has assumed most of those duties, mainly due to the fact that I work so damn much.

Luckily for me the wife went to the grocery store yesterday to get a ham for Thanksgiving. While there she got some other stuff as well including lunch meats. Normally I just eat at work or fast food when they are out of town but I don’t want to spend any money and I am off today which leaves me sitting here wondering what to eat…

The turkey she bought is the Oscar Meyer kind that comes in a plastic container rather than one of those bags. I guess they needed to bump the price up so they increased the packaging and decreases the amount of meat. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get the fucking thing open and almost sliced my hand off trying. I finally just stabbed the bitch and ripped the top off so that I could make a couple of little tasty sandwiches.

The shit was like the packaging that they put electronics and stuff in now. What’s up with that shit? When you buy them the cashier takes the electronic locks off of them but leaves the packaging so that you can impale yourself or worse, break whatever it is you bought just trying to get the damned thing open. I got this headset thing free with my last phone and although I knew I wouldn’t use it I figured I would take it and give it to the Marine when I shipped him his. I almost broke it tearing the package open.

Can’t they create a special ‘retard aisle’ with open packages so that people like me won’t injure themselves with their purchases?

hmmm…I smell a lawsuit coming. Sooner or later someone somewhere is going to stab themselves and then just like the stupid woman that burned herself with coffee at McDonalds, sue the company for not putting a disclaimer on the packaging. ‘Warning, this packaging is not for the mentally handicapped!’