A Vibrator Can Be A Friend Indeed…

I will occasionally hit adult blogs when I get surfing around (say it isn’t so!) and even have a couple of them linked in my sidebar down there. The Perverted Republican aka Evilicious Blonde aka again the Perverted Republican is one of my favorites. The link’s down there, just look for it. I am far from being a prude and it doesn’t take too long hanging out here to figure that one out. Anyway, I was over at vibrator.com reading their blog earlier. If you aren’t aware, vibrator.com sells sex toys. Don’t get distracted yet. Did I tell you they have a blog?

vibratordotcom Anyway, apparently the owner of vibrator.com attended the Blogworld Expo in Vegas recently (wish I could have gone) and was handing stickers out to everyone, a number of whom loved them and stuck them on their clothing. There was such a plethora of different web sites and companies represented at the Expo that he fit right in and had people asking for the stickers. Apparently the co-founder of Blogworld Expo, Libby Durfee, didn’t like the fact that he was there handing out stickers and had him thrown out of the party. Not nice at all. Sounds like she had a silver bullet stuck in her butt to me. I can see if something is invite only or a private party but when everyone is having a good time and most people are not offended it’s almost censorship. There’s a post up about it at the blog, you can read more about it there and read the comments from other attendees as well.

What’s up with people that they can’t loosen up a bit. It’s OK to watch people get blown away in the most graphic manner on television and in the movies, but let two people even consider doing the so-called ‘dirty deed’ and the darned bibles come out and prudes start talking about being offended and protecting the children. It’s all about the children. Shouldn’t we educate them and let them know that sexuality can be a beautiful thing rather than letting them know it’s OK to kill and maim but by god don’t be caught talking about or even thinking about sex?

There I go off on a tangent. I had originally meant to post about some of the cool products that they sell like the Rabbit Vibrators. I picked up a couple of years ago and boy is that about the coolest thing I have ever bought. If it could make coffee I would be in love again.

What is it about people that as soon as they see (don’t even have to read) a post about sex toys or sex itself that you are immediately labeled as an ‘adult’ or ‘sex’ blog? I just don’t see that there should be such stigma attached to it. Even people that probably have two or three sex toys and all sorts of stuff I might consider as ‘perverted’ at home in their dresser or under their bed will get out in public and and try to ban the stuff.

Guess I’m just weird like that.