Muff Dive Hairball Syndrome?

Elisson wrote this entry about Human Hairballs, or Trichobezoars and even had a catchy looking spokesman to keep people from eating their own hair and developing their very own hairballs. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the space I’m in, but I got to wondering (and even asked) if you could develop a Bezoar from cunnilingus. Talk about a fur burger. Damn.

Since the Internet is a great and loving animal I decided to see if I could find out a bit more information on Bezoars.

Human Hairball” get’s quite a few hits, but not exactly what I am looking for. Sure, there is a bit of information at the World Almanac and some more links, but it’s still not there.

Damn, I have searched Google and Yahoo and still haven’t found anything yet? I want to see a picture of THAT bad boy…

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