Christmas Parade…

Since the other two district managers were off this weekend I went in to work for about two hours yesterday morning just so that we wouldn’t overlap. I am off next weekend and I was sorely afraid that I would get screwed out of it if I wasn’t careful. Next weekend we are having my youngest’s fifth birthday party. Her’s is actually Wednesday but the party is going to be next weekend.

…having trouble typing this morning. I think maybe I am coming down with something and am tired as hell. Had a hard time waking up this morning. I still feel dehydrated so that is probably part of it.

Although I went in yesterday morning I was back home shortly after everyone got out of bed. I stopped and bought breakfast at a fast food place on my way home. We have company this weekend as well. Since Michelle is in Honk Kong this week (lucky her) her youngest son is staying at home with her brother but he got to spend the weekend with us, which has been pretty cool.

It’s back to work this morning, which is one of the reasons I am up writing so early this morning. Not that I wanted to get up. I feel like I worked my ass of when I really haven’t gotten much done.

I am pretty scattered this morning, in addition to the fact that my computer was taken apart for most of the afternoon Saturday since I was moving furniture around, so I am packing several things in here before I go to work.

I had it taken apart because I was putting together my new desk with the help of my lovely wife. My parents recently moved and in doing so they gifted us with a couple of rolltop desks. The smaller of the two went to Pete and I have taken the larger. It is huge. Very nice though. Once I get everything set up I will post a picture or something. I am going to have to get another monitor soon, for a couple of reasons, one being that the damn desk won’t close. The monitor is dying anyway. I can’t turn it off because it takes forever hitting the power button to come back on. It was the Marine’s and he bought it refurbished several years ago. I think I will try and get one of the 17 or 19 inch wide screen LCDs that will also double as a TV. Some of the ones that I have seen sit really low and I shouldn’t have any problem getting the desk to close with it. Perhaps after the first of the year I can take care of that.

My old desk is sitting in the middle of the living room floor with what remains of my crap all over it. We have already filled two garbage bags with paperwork and computer parts that were jammed into every nook and cranny of the other one. It’s amazing how much shit you can get in desk drawers. I am also storing most of my music and software CDs that are already copied to the hard drive or that I just don’t need anymore. I filled an entire milk crate and a small box with them and another box with computer stuff that I will eventually need and don’t want to get rid of.

Speaking of my parents, here are a couple of those old photos since I haven’t posted any in the last couple of days.

Rick 001

That one is my dad, however long ago. Fifty years or so. The cat looks quite comfy don’t you think?

11-5-65 Rick-Rhonda-Rev. Cherry

That’s my mom and dad and Reverend Cherry on their wedding day.

11-5-65 Robby-Rick-Bob Case-Tom Sheets

My Uncle Robby, my dad and two of his best friends whom all joined the Marine Corps at the same time and went to Vietnam together.

Richie School 1973

That would be my first grade class. Which one is me? Guess…Damn, those are some scary 1973 pants we have going on. The mean old bitch standing there had a problem with me being left handed and forced me to write with my other one until my dad found out. I guess they took care of that in pretty short order, particularly since they are both left handed.


Went to the Temple Christmas Parade yesterday. We had a pretty good time. We decorated one of the trucks that belong to a friend of mine at work and about ten of us, as well as another five or six kids, participated. We all had a great time, particularly RePete who thoroughly enjoyed tossing candy and bracelets out to the folks watching the parade.

I saw quite a few people I know, possibly including Slobokan. I can’t say for sure since I don’t know him personally but I would swear I saw him in that hat right in the middle of town.

They also had the tree lighting yesterday evening although I didn’t attend. I was going to but ended up getting involved in moving that furniture around. I went out shortly before six to pick some stuff up at the store and almost stayed since the tree lighting was going to be at six but I knew that I was already going to be staying up too late. Not only that but we were babysitting a couple of the neighborhood girls so that their parents could go out last night. I didn’t want to leave the wife with a house full of kids.


I suppose that’s about it for the morning. I am going to spend the day in my store with the newest manager who just completed his first four days in his new store. Actually he is off today and tomorrow thus the reason for me being there. He is a bit scattered and it will take some work for me to keep him focused but the main thing is that everyone likes him. The last thing I needed was somebody else to run off my employees. And he can cook, at least somewhat. It’s going to make the next two days much easier. I normally spend my two days in that store doing damage control. Now I can just go in and do my job. Hopefully I can get the heck out of there and be home by four this afternoon.

It has been pretty interesting the last few days online as well. Everyone is searching for pictures of the so-called ‘teen porn star’ so I have gotten several thousand hits from that. Not that most of them stick around since I don’t have anything but news on that subject, but some of them do.

It has driven my Real Rank up to 41, but it hasn’t made me any more damned money 🙁

I hope everyone has a great day. Here’s one of my favorite songs. I was just listening to this and decided I needed top post it for your enjoyment.

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  1. I had you pegged by the way you described your pants. I also had a Kinder teacher hit my hand with a ruler until I started writing with my right hand.

  2. … none of them were wearing their shooting badges…. were they just wearing medals instead?…. I couldnt tell from the photo….

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