Amsterdam City Guide

With all of the posting I have done recently on Joran van der Sloot I have done a bit of reading and visiting of sites related to the Netherlands as well as Aruba. This sort of combines my love for different places with blogging. I haven’t written about any kind of vacation spots lately so it was about time anyway.

Although they have a pretty decent Europe Hotel Guide I like visiting for the pictures and links to other local sites in addition to blog posts and hotels.

The guide for Amsterdam has some pretty useful information about the city itself, links to cheap Amsterdam hotels as well as links to the cities home page and blog posts. While not on the top of my list of places to visit I wouldn’t mind spending some time in Amsterdam just to check out the canals and architecture.


You can also find information about the weather in Amsterdam as well as other cities and local attractions in the city. Amsterdam is full of Museums and art houses and the night life in the city is one of the bright spots in Europe. In addition to art work there is also the museum of the resistance which I would like to visit one day. It provides information about the holocaust and World War II.