Christ on a Bike…


I don’t know where to get one but I came across this picture a little while ago and got a good laugh out of it.

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  1. Take ‘In God We Trust’ out of schools=Westboro

    Once again we are confronted by the Marxist leanings of our edu-propagandist system. No wonder. It is alright to have the children mock the Muslim religion by pretending to participate in it, you must, but any mention of our national anthem? OH M ……

  2. Adventuring In A Music Jungle

    In regards to music, the big conglomerates are not making as much money from sales of their signed artists’ albums. Also more major artists in the music field are cutting out the middle men (e.g. – the major music corporations) and are turning to off…

  3. A piece of democracy died today

    Today was a bittersweet day.  Before work, I went down to the Issaquah Police Station today.  No, I didn’t post bail. 
    I voted.  What made it bittersweet to me, is that I voted for what is likely the last time.
    No, my comm…

  4. Muslim Inmate Sues Over PB

    Thanks to Nanc for adding a new item to The List. Apparently, getting Muslim inmates to sue their infidel captors is a new form of legal jihad. A similar story arose just last week.A Muslim inmate is suing a southwest

  5. WTW: A Real Illegal Immigration Bill A ‘Commin!

    Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here with a bit of that old truth thang this fine Wednesday. Looking past the Impeachment Palooza theater, overriding Bush’s veto of the pork laden water bill, and a new retreat and defeat attempt, the Congr…

  6. Britain to Push for Tougher Anti-Terrorist Laws

    …the fact may remain that opposition in the UK to tougher legislation against terrorist activities is more proof that the UK is soft on terror.

  7. Protests for deported classmate and family

    From FoxNews:
    TUCSON, Ariz. — About a hundred students demonstrated outside a Tucson high school Tuesday, then marched five miles downtown to protest the arrest and removal to Mexico of a classmate and his family.
    The students apparently did no…

  8. “In League With The Stones…”

    “In League With The Stones…”, by James F. Baxter, Sgt. USMC (see other articles by James F. Baxter at CHOICE MAKER) Every September, I recall that is more than half a century since I landed at Nagasaki with the 2nd

  9. The Chinese Already Fund the Clintons, Why not Europe?

    Robert Rubin is set to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. To some this is seen as some great thing because of his experience in the financial world. Given that he supports Democrats it was just a matter of who and given that he had misgivings abo…

  10. H.R. 4088 – Secure the borders, go after employers

    House bill H.R. 4088 is a bill that we must first read carefully (if they ever put it on the docket) before we throw our whole hearted support behind it. As I understand it as of now, it appears that many freshman to Congress ‘got it’ when we demande…

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