Happy Birthday RePete

Still feeling a bit under the weather here. My birthday was laid back and pretty uneventful, which is just the way I wanted. Not even any phone calls from family, but 10 or 12 of my coworkers and ex-employees called during the day. We hung out and had burgers and peach cobbler and the girls and I watched TV on the couch while I drifted in and out, thus the lack of posts last night. After they went to bed I did stay up to watch the 3rd and last installment of Tin Man on SciFi. While not the best acting in the world I enjoyed the movie.

Hopefully the next three days will go well at work. I am not at all in the mood to deal with any bullshit. One good thing, although I will most likely have the normal weekly food cost meeting after work today I won’t be stuck in one tomorrow until nine as I have been the last few Thursdays. I am trying to get out of the Thursday meeting entirely since the local high school is interested in me being on the FBLA advisory board and their meeting is tomorrow. Not much there, basically just let them know what it is that I need for them to do to prepare kids for jobs. Pretty easy stuff.

One of my hard drives went out last night, which sucks. My system has been slowing down for a few weeks and the extra HD pretty much bit the dust yesterday when I was trying to run Spinrite on it. It sucks because it had backups for most of my TV and movies on it. I can still recover most of it and will maybe work on that this weekend. I have a bunch of other ones I need to work on as well. If I can get some extra posting finished I will try to get that done as well.


Obviously nothing exciting is going on in my world today. It is my youngest’s birthday today. RePete is five years old today. Happy birthday RePete.


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