Grandfather Clocks


My grandmother used to have an old grandfather clock that she gave my mom and dad several years ago. Actually it was more like 30 years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. I love that old clock but I am not even sure if it works anymore. Although clocks have pretty much stayed the same over the centuries, technology has made them much more accurate and I would love to have one of the Howard Miller Clocks like the one in the picture. We have a couple of clocks around the house but there is nothing as majestic as a beautiful grandfather clock.

The one in the picture is the Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather clock and lists for around nine grand but they currently have it online for $6300, which is a pretty steep discount. It sets around seven feet tall and is fairly heavy, around 135 pounds. It would look great right next to my entertainment center. A couple of years back when we picked up new living room furniture I made sure that the TV/entertainment center was more of a cabinet. It’s pretty large and heavy and the doors on the front close so that you can’t see the TV at all, which was the whole point of it. The coloring on this clock fits right in with the rest of the furniture in the living room.

One thing that I wasn’t aware of when I started pricing clocks is the fact that you can pick different chimes for the clocks. You aren’t necessarily stuck with a certain chime just because you like the look of a certain clock. The clocks blog has a bit more information on different chimes in this post about them and provides links where you can even listen to the chimes on the web site.

In addition to grandfather clocks they also sell mantel clocks,  wall clocks and all sorts of other things to spruce of your home decor. I wouldn’t mind having a nice mantel clock to put over my fireplace. Right now it’s full of Christmas decorations but they will be coming down next month and something other than the mirror that usually sits there would be nice.