I Must Be A Moron

One of the things I share with my mother is a serious fear of spiders. While not as bad as her’s I can’t stand the damn things. I know that they eat all kinds of other nasties that I wouldn’t particularly want around my house but that doesn’t seem to alleviate my fears.


So what am I doing awake this fine evening? Watching Arachnophobia on TV. I suspect that I may be up late with nightmares…Hell, the hard part will be actually getting to sleep.

2 throughts on "I Must Be A Moron"

  1. When I lived in Central America for a spell, I learned very quickly how fast a Tarantula can move, especially when you piss it off! It still gives me the shivers!

  2. …. I can take’em or leave’em…… but I never expected a big, buxom fellow like you to be afraid of a little spider…..

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