Thursday Thirteen #9 – Thirteen Reasons This Wasn’t Posted on Thursday!

Like I said in the last post, I am a bit behind this week. I arrived home from meetings around 9:15 last night and while I posted some news and pictures I darn sure didn’t feel like thinking…

Thirteen Reasons This Wasn’t Posted on Thursday

1…. Uh…My Dog ate my homework?
2…. No, No…My dog ate my keyboard!
3…. My dick fell off?
4…. My wife grounded me…
5…. For a month!
6…. I was busy winning the Megamillions
7…. The I lost it!
8…. I ran out of gas
9…. I had to walk up hill to get to my computer…
10…. Both ways!
11…. I overslept
12…. Ran out of coffee? (we all know sleep is just a cheap caffeine substitute)
13…. I’m a slacker…

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