Late Night at Work

For awhile there it looked as if I was going to have to work the graveyard shift last night and I was, needless to say, not very happy about it. I had one of my managers off yesterday so I was running his store and at the end of the shift yesterday morning the cook let me know that she had given him her two weeks notice, that she was moving and needed to transfer but that she would work through the holidays. For the most part I believe her as she knows that I can keep her from working for us at all if she doesn’t work through the end of the month. I already called the Division manager where she wants to go and we made this very clear. Then she asks for an advance on her paycheck because she is having to move.

I have this cool deal with the local bank. They don’t lend cook fucking waffles and I don’t lend money. It’s a sweet deal and keeps me out of trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve given out five or ten bucks in gas money and there are a couple of long-term employees that I have even made personal loans to but those have always come out of my pocket. The last thing I am going to do is lend my company’s money to some crack-addled bitch that is getting thrown out of her house. I would end up being out the money and endanger my job. It’s just not my money to lend. Of course I didn’t go into all of that, I just told her no. Then I started looking for a cook because at 7 am yesterday morning I knew she was going to hang me.

Nobody had an extra cook but one of the waitresses is married to a guy that works at one of my other stores and he agree about 3 PM to do it for me. Along comes 8 PM last night and someone else calls in for her, I call the dude and he’s too drunk to work. Asshole.

I eventually found someone form a neighboring town and just had to come off with some gas money. Heck, the guy won’t even be any overtime. I think I made it home by ten last night so it could have been much worse than it was.

Christmas week is about to start for me and I am certainly not looking forward to it. I was going to have the additional help of a couple of manager trainees but since another manager quit from the store I opened last fall they are going to end up taking one of my trainees. So much for that.

Some days I just wake up and wonder if the promotion was worth it. I certainly think so on payday but it’s damn harder than I thought it was going to be. I am under much more scrutiny than I ever was as a store manager. As a manager they pretty much left me alone since I have done it so long. The only thing I really had to bitch about then was the crack-heads…