Another Day…

…another dollar, or at least 50 cents.

My brother and his family should be arriving at some point this morning. They called last night and said they were on the way, so I don’t know what time they will be here. Particularly with the rain that has been pretty persistent over the last 24 hours they may have been delayed a bit.


Yep, thank goodness. We certainly need it right now. Not that a couple of days of rain is going to fix things here but it certainly won’t hurt. It would actually take about three months of steady rain to get the water table back to where it needs to be, but every bit we get over this winter will help to alleviate the drought once it starts getting warm again.

I am spending the day again at my busiest store. With tomorrow being Christmas Eve, the Wal-Mart is sure to be pretty busy which means that I will as well. We have a bit of prep work to finish up today and tomorrow. Most of it is stuff that is going to have to wait until tomorrow anyway at least. I told them to wait until then to do salads and tomatoes. I will go cut them myself at all three stores in the morning since they would get mushy doing them too early. Most of the managers will be very busy tomorrow so I need to make sure to finish any last minute items.

Toward the end of the summer I noticed that we apparently have mice. Over the last few weeks the cat has caught several of the damned thing. Mostly babies but that means that somewhere around here is the momma. Good cat. Better than my plan. I am the kind of guy that would wander the house and pick them off with a .357 but for some reason shooting holes in the floor just doesn’t seem like a real good idea. That and the fact that the local police seem to frown on shooting up houses in my area. I don’t know. One of those things I guess.

Got the paper towel holders installed in the restrooms at work recently. With the changes in law that the state implemented we are required to have paper towel holders so that people can use them to open the door with. After you wash your hands when you touch the door you have re-contaminated yourself with someone else’s feces. Nice thought this early in the morning. Next thing you know I will be required to install wipes in my restrooms. Actually the paper towels are a great idea, unfortunately what happens is that customers tend to shove them in the toilet and clog it up. My how I would love to come visit them at their houses…