Plasma Lifts

I think I found a gadget that I want to get. I have been considering getting a plasma TV later on in the year to replace my aging television and hook to my HTPC but one of the things I want to make sure and do is to keep it low key. I came across a plasma lift that’s built in to a cabinet that looks really cool. Set right I would be able to keep it in front of a picture or something on the wall behind it and then only have the Plasma TV come up when it was needed. Pretty cool actually.

Speaking of the HTPC, I should have all of the equipment I need to build a new one by February or so. I am looking forward to it. My ten-year-old asked me the other night when I was going to put BeyondTV back on. The whole family got used to being able to watch what they want and pause and skip commercials and when I took it out they hated it.