Why The Sudden Influx…

…of new posts, particularly since I have only been posting one or two a day for the last month? Simple. I am going on vacation in six weeks and need to drive traffic and increase the amount of money in my Paypal account. Sad isn’t it? Sad

Actually while having extra vacation funds is a big part of the reason, I feel as if I have been neglecting the site recently and wanted to get some posts up. Since it’s extremely slow this week it was a perfect time.

Tomorrow I go in for a couple of hours and then will come home to rest up. I may get a bit of posting up before I go to bed tomorrow, it really just depends on when I get home. I have to work until at least 9 tomorrow morning and then from 9pm tomorrow night until 9am on Tuesday. All of the management team at my level or above will be working on the graveyard shift tomorrow night to insure that all of the New Year’s revelers get taken care of. It sucks but it’s one of those things we have to do.