Just a Meth-Smoking Biatch…

I was hoping to be home by at least 9 this morning. I have a couple of hours of work to do prior to going to bed around noon. I may stay up a few extra minutes so that I can write a little bit.

Unfortunately I got hung up at one of my stores. One of my guys hasn’t gotten his vacation check that he was due for six weeks ago so my VP authorized me to let him have it out of the safe in that store and then when we get the check (if) next Sunday I can just give him the difference. Unfortunately my manager in that store screwed up when he was paying everyone (he made the previous day’s deposit PRIOR to paying them) and had no money in the safe. I ended up having to take the $200 out of my bank account and buy the cash chit out of his safe and now I get to hold it until Sunday.

I also knew when the last manager left that I would end up embroiled in the middle of a legal investigation and apparently it is so. I had to give a statement today answering a bunch of bullshit questions about some really crazy stuff.

The list is actually longer but some of the stuff doesn’t need to be here. It’s all complaints called in from the manager that quit but they have to do the investigation anyway. The funniest one I heard was the fact that apparently I smoke meth in the back room with my employees.

When my wife heard that one she was livid. I would hate for her to meet the ex-manager on the street because one of the would be in the hospital. Some people are fucking idiots and half of them work for me. It never ceases to amaze me what people will say and do when they are angry or want to get back at you in some way. That’s even better than the investigation where the husband of one of my waitresses claimed that she was pregnant with my baby after she left him. Never mind the fact that she apparently can’t get pregnant, I had my nut cutting operation five years ago and don’t fool around anyway. They are back together now and he apologized to me a couple of years back and now she’s one of our managers. It’s just the fact that they had to take that bullshit seriously enough to investigate it that never ceases to amaze me. One day I will work completely for myself and the only investigating that will be going on is the one going on behind my eyelids while I take my afternoon naps.

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  1. Lol at “Some people are fucking idiots and half of them work for me.”

    It does sound like you have to work with a bunch of idiots. I completely agree working completely for yourself is best.

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