Losing Money Sucks…

I’ve been thinking today about the vacation. Now that I have bought the plane tickets I am seriously looking forward to the trip to Nassau. It was a fairly stressful day so vacation even looks that much better. One of the bonuses that the store managers get is basically ‘gimme’ money. They have to get each days sales into the bank by 2PM two days later. Very simple and easy. They get a $200 a month bonus just for making it to the bank on time. Occasionally it can be difficult because on Wednesdays they get produce in and on holidays they have to buy a bunch of change because the banks are closed. Since there are occasional glitches like that the company gives them four mulligans. The have to make 24 out of 28 deposits on time in order to get the bonus. AND they get an extra day. Saturdays sales don’t have to be in the bank until TUESDAY because Sunday is pay day. In 21 years I have never missed a banking bonus as a store manager or a district. See, I get a banking bonus as well. All of my managers have to get theirs. If one misses, I lose my bonus, which is $250.

Out of the last 21 days the guy that transferred in from another store has had 11 late bank deposits. In three short weeks he’s lost me my employee retention bonus for the next two months and my banking bonus for this month. That’s about $1200 all total that I won’t be seeing over the next month or so. I am not particularly happy with him right now as a result.

He’s a pretty nice guy but he has a hard time staying focused so I am going to have to stay on him over the next few weeks to get him in the habit of doing the things he needs to do. I think I can get him trained but he may not like it in the meantime.