The Alhambra

I think that eventually I would love to go to Spain. Heck, I would love to just take a few months off and see all of Europe for that matter. I have always loved architecture, particularly old stuff and I am into history as well. I originally was a History Major in college and the two loves combine well. Europe is the perfect place to delve into those hobbies as well as combine them with my other hobby, photography. I would love to go visit some of the Spain attractions such as the Alhambra in Granada.


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The Alhambra is a vast Moorish fortified palace. It’s so big that it takes up a pretty big portion of the city center itself. At one point it was the residence of the Muslim kings of Granada and later a renaissance palace was inserted by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

I would also like to check out other areas such as Madrid attractions as well as get to Paris. A good friend of mine got to go to Paris somewhat recently and I am very jealous. Of course that would mean flying, which I hate. I need to take it baby steps at a time. The flight to Nassau next month is about two and a half hours and that’s about all I want to fly any time soon.

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  1. You should definitely go, as this place is worth the trip! Spain is an excellent travel destination, with each region offering its own unique character, attractions and food.

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