Meeting Day

I can think of several different things I would like to be doing today other than going to this meeting tonight. This is my long day and it’s not likely that I will get to come home until around ten tonight. Personally I think I would rather have my nails ripped out than have to sit through this thing. My numbers are particularly ugly coming out of the holiday and I have about six days to get them right. The only saving grace is that most of the rest of the folks that will be there have just as ugly numbers as I do.

The meeting is in Oxford, Alabama this week. Why? Because that store has the best profits right now out of the 37 stores in the area. It should. I trained the manager. Now if I could just get the three that work under me to start doing their job the meetings will be on our side of town. In all fairness, one of my managers does actually listen and do what I ask, she just needs to tweak her payroll a bit. I am going to start working with her on the weekends whenever I get the chance to help bring down her numbers.

I have the feeling that we are going to see some changes in the area pretty soon. Not necessarily in my end but you never know. I believe that they are going to be realigning the districts and I may end up with a different store or two. That would be fine if they were to take the one store that I have so many problems with. I would make just as much money with a two-store district without that one as I do now. Maybe more since I have lost so much money out of that store over the last couple of months. Have to be careful what I wish for though, as with two stores I don’t get a car allowance and that’s a large chunk of my check as well.

Up until the last few weeks things have been looking up as far as my profits and I may still be able to pull things out over the next few days. I am still planning on putting in for promotion in the middle of February. We will see how it goes between now and then. Who know, this time next year I could be living near the Outer Banks with ten stores. Stranger things have happened. I think I will end up on a development plan though once I actually turn it in. That normally last for six months to a year, although a good friend of mine has been on one for about three years now and it doesn’t look likely that she will ever get a division, although I think she would do a good job.