And For My Next Stupid Human Trick…

Usually if I am going to do something stupid or clumsy to hurt myself it will happen within that first twenty or thirty minute period after I wake up.

Not that I am limited to doing clumsy stupid things to the first part of the day or anything. I’ve been seen in the emergency room countless times to get sheet metal pulled out of my eye, get my forehead seen up where I cut it open on my car door (no, really), jammed spikey things through the bottom of my shoe into my foot, jammed spikey things into the palm of my hand etc…The list goes on.

This morning  I woke up as usual and stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee and greet the day, fixed a cup and went to have a seat at my desk and try to think up something wonderful to write before I went to work. My hand must have been pretty close to my desk as I sat down because I ended up with a 1/4 inch long splinter in my finger, right at the edge of my nail. Of course their was much gnashing of teeth but since everyone was still asleep we skipped the wailing and cursing.

Once I located the tweezers (woke the wife up and asked her where the hell they were) I managed to dig them up under the nail and pulled the damned thing out.

Damn, that was more fun than a barrel full of monkeys…

Time to go to work Sad

2 throughts on "And For My Next Stupid Human Trick…"

  1. I’d love to have had a video camera on me, the times I’ve done that. That’s guaranteed to pull some funny faces.

    Hell, I cringed just reading about it…

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