Irritating People

I received an email when I got home where someone used the “contact me” form on the site. I guess someone didn’t like something I reported in the Maria Lauterbach. That’s OK, I post plenty of things that are disagreeable. Here’s the message they sent,

So when you become a female, complete USMC boot camp and walk a mile in Maria’s shoes then you and all the other web wonders can make your assessments. Until then lets just say you haven’t a clue.
Anonymous Shortbus Motherfucker

If you can’t tell, I find it extremely irritating that this fool from Wisconsin doesn’t have the guts to leave their name, email address or URL. Hell, I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me. I love a good argument as much as the next guy. The real problem here is that the email they sent me has nothing whatsofuckingever to do with anything that I wrote about Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach.

I guess that’s about all of the steam I am going to use up on this. If you can figure out how to use the captcha you are more than welcome to join in the comments and try to say something intelligent.


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2 throughts on "Irritating People"

  1. Ha ha, Oh boy can I ever relate!! I’ve had a few irritating (or maybe even crazy) emails. Last week this guy didn’t like my view I took on my article about the Mayor of Arlington’s MySpace photo’s.

    He writes ranting and raving about it and then at the end of the letter says, I hope the whole world sees this and I love you Mayor. Oh My God! How psycho,like the mayor is going to be reading MY email, rofl.

    Just keep ignoring these dufuses. I was recently told by an journalist/editor, that the difference between strict journalism and blogging journalists is that the bloggers add more of an opinion and a personal touch. Which I think irritates people even more. Such is life.


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