UFOs over Texas…

Update 1-16-08 8:02 p.m. CBS had a report on the object over Stephenville.

Apparently several dozen people have reported seeing it now. Part of that may be that they actually saw something or it may just be people jumping on the bandwagon like we sometimes have a tendency to do.
So what do you guys think? Did these nice folks actually see something from outer space, or perhaps something our government is working on but denying, or maybe they are all riding the short bus?


Stephenville Texas is a nice small town maybe a bit bigger than the one where I live. Their usually quiet little place is all abuzz with several UFO sightings. Apparently several different people have seen it including a pilot, county constable and business owners. Here’s some video from the Associated Press (unfortunately not of the UFO)

There have even been reports of seeing fighter jets chasing it, although the Air Force says not. Federal Officials say that there is a logical explanation, most likely two commercial airplanes according to Major Karl Lewis from the 301st fighter wing based out of Fort Worth but people that have seen it say that it’s much, much larger than that and the lights changed configuration, which is something planes don’t do.

Ricky Sorrells claims to have seen it several times and even watched it through his rifle’s telescopic lens. In this day and age of cell phone videos of every crime small and large, why is it that nobody has bothered to get a video capture or photograph? One guy has even offered a reward for a photo or video. Most likely because it just hasn’t happened. If so many people have seen it at least one should have gotten the picture.

Browsing around over at the Mutual UFO Network I came across this UFO sighting report from Texas just a couple of days ago.

I saw a bright light in the daytime sky, apparently being tracked by a jet. I only noticed it for a few seconds before it blinked off. An aircraft giving off a contrail was headed for it. Five to ten seconds after the light went off, the jet quit emitting the contrail, and neither was seen again.

Interestingly, the contrail showed the jet had made 3-4 SHARP maneuvers in the sky. I have never before seen angular contrails, as if the jet changed course each time the “light” did. From my viewpoint, the contrail showed the jet had turned 60-75 degrees. The contrail length suggests that the jet was in pursuit for 10 minutes; starting from nothing, moving into an arc and finishing with the angular moves. The sun was low in the partly cloudy sky. Visibility was unlimited in the area of interest. The jet itself was never seen, suggesting a great distance. If the jet would have been visible as only a dot, the light would have been 10 times that size. It was extremely bright.

I was driving in northwest Houston, the scene was to the southwest.

So what’s it all mean?

Hell if I really know, but maybe soon we’ll be seeing Elvis…

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  1. I don’t know will we be seeing Elvis soon but I do know that there are practically never conclusive picture or video of those sightings. Unusual things keep being reported more less frequently all over the world but without something solid they remain just that-unusual things and events. So just live long and prosper and if you do see Elvis get a picture… or cut down on drinks :P.

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