Eight and a Half Hours…

That’s how much sleep I managed to get last night.

I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in until quarter of nine in the morning.

It must have been back before the holidays at  some point I suppose.

Each time I have had a day off I have always had some place to be or something to do that kept me from actually resting up from the previous week. Today I don’t have anything to do until this evening. The engine light on the wife’s car keeps going on and she called the dealership to make an appointment. As long as they have a loaner for her we’ll be leaving her’s there tonight. I have to pick up the Oldsmobile anyway and get it home. Rather than sell it to Carmax I decided to sell it cheaper to one of the guys that works for me. The guy is married with a new baby and has no car so he will get more use out of it. I cut what my asking price would be in half for him. He should be able to pay that off in about three to four weeks, although he does have to get insurance and tags so if it takes longer, no big deal.

Well, the Starbucks is finished making. I need to get a cup and try to wake up a bit.