This Might Be A Long One…

The day that is…

It’s sprinkling outside at the moment and the local news says that it’s supposed to change over to snow later in the morning and we should get 1-3″ of snow by this afternoon.

Darn, I am not particularly looking forward to that.

Snow always means quite a bit of the staff calls in because they are afraid to get out on the roads and I have to pick up the other half and bring them to work as well as find them a way home.

It’s great for business if it’s during the week but it actually hurts my weekend business because that is when we are normally busy anyway. People are in less of a hurry and it takes a crowbar to get them out of the booths, particularly if it’s snowing hard.

The last time I think we really had any amount of snow at all was January 2005 or maybe even 2004. Although I drove back and forth from my house I ended up getting a hotel room across the street from the store for my employees. If the roads get ugly today I will do the same thing this year.

The bad part is that after it snows it’s supposed to get really cold which means the stuff will stick around another day and also freeze anything left on the roads.

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