It’s All About Demographics…

This really has nothing to do with demographics (maybe a wee bit) but I came across this blog quiz at Michelle’s and dropped by to take it. Like you do.

The first question is the the group thing. Damn, I am now in an entirely different age grouping. 41-50. I fucking think not. I have almost an entire decade before you can group me with fifty year olds by GOD!

Anyway, here’s the quiz.

What type of partier are you?

Your Result: Bar Social Butterfly

Not quite as bad as the ‘bar slut’, you like to get a bit ripped and become everyone’s new best friend. You talk to everyone and anyone, keep people laughing, and with enough liquor you become the professional comedian. You get into deep-thought topics with fellow drunks, get people crying on your shoulder when they vent to you, and end up with hundreds of phone numbers of people that you simply can’t recall in your cell-phone all the time.

The Socialite
Bar Slut
Hardcore drunk
The rock-star party animal
The Lurker
The designated driver
What type of partier are you?
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WTF?  Bar Social Butterfly? At least I’m not the Bar Slut.