Thursday Thirteen #11: Thirteen Song’s I’m Listening Too

I took the easy way out this week because I am feeling singularly uninspired this morning. These are the first thirteen songs on my party list. Without further ado…

Thirteen Songs I’m Listening To

  1. Dissident Aggressor – Judas Priest
  2. Evening Star – Judas Priest
  3. The Flame – Cheap Trick
  4. Girl – Beck
  5. Guilty – Ronnie James Dio
  6. I’m Waiting for the Man – The Velvet Underground
  7. Icky Thump – The White Stripes
  8. Jail Break – AC/DC
  9. Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression, part 1) – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  10. Killing Yourself to Live – Black Sabbath
  11. Livewire – AC/DC
  12. Livin’ on the Edge – Aerosmith
  13. Mama Kin – Aerosmith

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3 throughts on "Thursday Thirteen #11: Thirteen Song’s I’m Listening Too"

  1. Pretty much 🙂

    That’s OK, I was in a rush and once I actually looked at the title of the entry I realized that I had too many “o”s at the end as well.

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