Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #13: Alphabet Week!

Thirteen Things about Richard So since I have last participated in the meme they have been giving out a general theme for each week. This weeks object is to pick a letter of the alphabet and then list thirteen words about myself that begin with that letter. Damn, this is hard. OK, Today’s Thursday Thirteen…Read more

Thursday Thirteen #12: Thirteen Reasons She’s The Love of My Life

It’s been quite some time since I participated in Thursday Thirteen. Prior to going to the Bahamas as a matter of fact because I had fully intended on putting this list up then, for Valentine’s Day. I’ve just gotten busy. Wednesdays and Thursdays (and now Tuesdays) are extremely long lately and I have been coming…Read more

Thursday Thirteen #11: Thirteen Song’s I’m Listening Too

I took the easy way out this week because I am feeling singularly uninspired this morning. These are the first thirteen songs on my party list. Without further ado… Thirteen Songs I’m Listening To Dissident Aggressor – Judas Priest Evening Star – Judas Priest The Flame – Cheap Trick Girl – Beck Guilty – Ronnie…Read more

Thursday Thirteen #10 – Thirteen New Years Resolutions

Thirteen New Years resolutions that I may or may not keep this year…you be the judge.

Thursday Thirteen #8 – My Thirteen Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Thirteen Things I Love to Eat DURING THANKSGIVING The first is of course, Roast Turkey Cornbread Dressing Mashed Potatoes Deviled Eggs Cranberry Sauce, the kind that comes in a can. Gravy Sweet Potatoes Corn on the cob, which I can’t eat anymore πŸ™ Chocolate Pecan Pie Pumpkin Pie Spiral Ham Baked Beans Banana Pudding The…Read more

Thursday Thirteen #7 – The Best Call-In Excuses I’ve Heard Recently

Thirteen Lame Excuses I’ve Heard When People Call In To Work. Last Christmas one of my cooks and his wife, a waitress, called in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Apparently he had gotten drunk and in a fight with his neighbors, so the police came and locked him up. Needless to say he was…Read more

Thursday Thirteen #1

Since I have ditched the Thursday Thongs meme here πŸ™‚ I decided last week that I wanted to try and start participating regularly in the Thursday Thirteen. I was out of town last week and didn’t have the time to type up a post for it so this is my Thursday Thirteen edition number one….Read more