Busy Day

Wouldn’t you know it? One day off and all kinds of stuff to do when all I really want to do is lie around on the couch eating bon bons. Fucking real life.

I have to drive to Carrollton today and pick up tags for the new cars. I’ll just transfer the old tag from the Oldsmobile. The guy I am selling it too has paid most of it off so I went ahead and dropped it at his house yesterday along with the keys and title. No big deal. He needs to get brakes and then can finish paying me. Since I get his paycheck first I’m not particularly worried about not getting paid. We are keeping the other one. Although the Plymouth has 200k+ miles on it it is still in great shape so we will garage it and keep it here so that the Marine has something to drive when he’s at home. Besides, it’s a good idea to keep an extra just in case.

RePete has finally returned to school today but Pete has a dentist’s appointment at 11 a.m. and I have a doctor’s appointment at 2:30. It’s pretty much pointless to take her to school today since she has a mid-day visit with the doctor. She’s still got a lot of that crap from the Pneumonia in her lungs anyway. One more day won’t kill her although I’m sure the school will think so. What the fuck do they know anyway? Not a damned thing about proper parenting, that’s for sure.

I haven’t been doing as well with the non-smoking the last couple of days, although I am still smoking way less than I was. I am working on that today. Even with the Chantix this has been pretty darned hard. One day I want to quit and the next I don’t.

Once I get home this afternoon and get some bills taken care of there is quite a bit of writing I intend to do. We’ll see if I get it accomplished or not…