When the heck does it get easier?

Getting ready to hit the sack but I wanted to make sure and post before I go to bed. Nothing particularly exciting happened today and I am in a foul mood which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted since this morning. Fortunately the audits came out OK at the one store I mentioned…Read more

48 Hours

So the girls are leaving in the morning for Hilton Head. Kind of sucks that I won’t get to go because it means that I will never get to see our friends again as they are moving overseas. Some days my job sucks. I’ve been pretty busy this weekend as my store in Temple has…Read more

Busy Day

I haven’t been doing as well with the non-smoking the last couple of days, although I am still smoking way less than I was. I am working on that today. Even with the Chantix this has been pretty darned hard. One day I want to quit and the next I don’t.