Gary Michael Hilton to be Charged with NC Murder

The body of John Bryant, or rather his skeletal remains, has been found and North Carolina authorities have announced that they will be pressing charges as soon as it’s decided whether he should be seen in State or Federal court.

They do have enough evidence to bring charges and it also meets North Carolina’s minimum standards to seek the death penalty as well.
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2 throughts on "Gary Michael Hilton to be Charged with NC Murder"

  1. Between FL and NC, I hope Hilton gets the death penalty! I know GA can’t execute him because of the deal they made with him. Maybe he’ll get it in prison though…even convicts have their limits.

  2. I do as well. Actually the county that made the deal with him was not the same county that charged him with the murder. They probably could have gotten away with the death penalty if they had wanted to.

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