Tramp Stamp Tuesday

As I mentioned last Thursday I had a couple of people ask me to start doing Tramp Stamp Tuesday again, so here it is. As with Thursday Thongs, be aware that if you click the link you are taking your life into your own hands and I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens… 🙂

Tramp Stamp Cheer Squad?



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  1. Obama/Biden’s Misguided Economic Policies

    From Barack Obama and Joe Biden comes the list of ‘plans’ they offer if you elect them as President and Vice-President in November 2008. Since the economy has become the dominant issue of this election ( when hasn’t it been) based o…


    Recently I was on the phone with a friend who was giving me a hard time about my bird pictures.
    Hey, it’s been a lifelong thing of mine – to take pictures of birds (and other things of personal interest – not necessarily people), and I’m j…

  3. The Feminists unload on Palin, and the truth is exposed

    Ever since her nomination in August, Feminists have been losing their minds about Palin.
    Her pro life and other conservative positions has frankly driven them nuts.  Chief of the PDS abusers have been the feminists.
    One of the first I saw was Sarah Se…

  4. Bailing

    Podcast Show Notes 
    Senate Democrats Propose changes to the bail out plan.
    Joe Biden criticizes an Obama Ad and then looks dumber when backing off the criticism.
    On the bright side, for Democrats, while Obama doesn’t have the appeal of Hillary…

  5. Palin Syrah Wine Spat Out By San Fransickans

    This from a town not known for its “spitting.”
    Serious Eats tells us:
    Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin might not be fond of San Francisco, but one San Francisco wine bar is fond of Palin Syrah. Or rather, it was.
    “It was…

  6. READ IT!

    Reading Ortega y Gasset again reminds me of James Burnham’s view of modern faux liberalism (as opposed to truly liberal precepts)
    SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “”, url: “” });…

  7. Oh Look: Voter Fraud In Ohio Thanks To Democrats

    Keep an eye on this:
    If Ohio polling looks like Chicago, ‘thank’ Brunner
    Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has a reputation as the most partisan state official in Ohio. And she works hard to earn it. The Democrat’s latest stunt rejected absentee ball…

  8. Don’t Panic: Fix real economic problems

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has some excellent ideas for rescuing the economic engine of the United States without sinking $700 billion into failed companies and bad investments on shaky mortgages.

  9. Racism and Feminism in America: The sad truth

    If you connect the dots between racism, sexism and democrats you end up with one word:
    In both cases we had serious social issues.  We had serious social revolution.  We had real change and social enlightenment.
    And we ended up with both is…

  10. 1 Oct 2008: Martial Law In America!

    At least that’s what the unhinged left is claiming.
    The left has taken an Army Times article and somehow turned it into an article detailing a US military plan to invade American soil under Martial Law.  Tin foil hat time?
    The article that star…

  11. Rep. Alcee Hastings(S) Speaks To Jews & Blacks

    CNN reports…
    (CNN) – Rep. Alcee Hastings told an audience of Jewish Democrats Wednesday that they should be wary of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin because “anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do w…

  12. Obscene Sickening Email!

    The nerve of your friends!
    The Effects of Alcohol.
    After 6 beers
    After  2 glasses of wine
    After  2 bottles of wine – Shared of course
    After  too many margaritas
    After  3 Kamikazes
    After  7 rum …

  13. Placebo and the economy

    In medicine, a placebo is a substance or procedure a patient accepts as medicine or therapy, but which has no specific therapeutic activity. Example, a sugar pill or an injection of sterile water, neither of which have any medicine in…

  14. Third Annual Chicago Force Golf Tournament

    Once a year the Chicago Force women’s tackle football team holds a golf tournament to raise money. This year, 29 teams of roughly four players apiece set out to conquer the Western course of the White Pines Golf Club in…

  15. out of control misconceptions

    In some of my mindless stumbling about the internet today, I happened across this piece by Patrick Dorfer, hosted at We The People Politics. Patrick is a senior at Mount Saint Mary College, and the site was created “to provide…

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