February 14, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

I’m off to bed. We are getting up early tomorrow and I may post a bit but probably not. We are spending the weekend in Nassau and I don’t know that I will have a chance to get online although I am sure to have some good pictures to post when we get back Sunday…Read more

Getting Packed and Ready

I ended up not going down to Grady to see my friend. They won’t let anyone in as she spent the morning in surgery and is in ICU waiting for another surgery. Her husband said she is doing terrible. That sucks. I ended up calling my bosses’ boss to see what we are going to…Read more

Thursday Thong

Today is the first day of my vacation and hopefully by this time tomorrow afternoon I will be on the beach in the Bahamas looking at the real thing. Oh by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s a twofer. Also by the way, NSFW (as if anything with THONG in the title would be considered…Read more

Police Meet With Christina Laurean Again…

Monday the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department held a press briefing and said that the had received credible tips on the whereabouts of fugitive Cesar Lauren. They were basically just updating the local media as to where they are in the search for Laurean and wouldn’t go into any kind of detail but are continuing to try and follow any leads that they get.

Selfish Bastard…

Have I told you lately what a self-centered selfish bastard I am? No? hmm. My phone rang about a quarter ’till twelve last night and I checked the caller-id. It was one of my waitresses. I ignored it, figuring if it was something important they would call the manager. Ten minutes later the phone rang…Read more