Selfish Bastard…

Have I told you lately what a self-centered selfish bastard I am?



My phone rang about a quarter ’till twelve last night and I checked the caller-id. It was one of my waitresses. I ignored it, figuring if it was something important they would call the manager. Ten minutes later the phone rang again and it was the store where she works (the first one was from her cell phone). I ignored that one as well.

I’m on vacation dammit!

So I check my voice mail. The waitress is blabbering about a cop being in the store with one of my bank deposits. My manager had had some sort of accident and they needed to turn the money over.

I lay there for a couple of minutes.

I could either call and take care of the problem and most likely have my vacation canceled on me or just let them continue calling up the food chain of command. Someone else could handle it.

I’m on fucking vacation.

So I call the store and end up speaking with the officer from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. My manager had been on the way home last night from handling shift change with her three boys in the car when a drunk driver hit her head on. I got dressed, cursing drunk bastards the entire time

Her boys are all OK and they life-flighted her to Grady hospital. The cop seemed to think she would be OK but she had broken both of her legs and her pelvis. He didn’t seem to think that the drunk driver was going to survive and said that if you had looked at the collision you wouldn’t think anyone could. She got lucky I guess.

I got to the store shortly after midnight and took care of the money and then drove down to Grady hospital, which is about forty minutes away, after speaking to my boss. I let him know what had happened and told him that I would most likely be late this morning but to call me and let me know what to do. He told me they would be fine for the week and to go ahead and stay on vacation. I made sure he repeated it again.

I never made it to the hospital last night. I know (or at least used to) how to get to Grady from the north side of town but have never driven there from the south and didn’t see any signs so I drove a couple exits past and turned around to get off at the correct one. Once I got off I ended up making a right and got fucking lost. I drove around and saw it above other buildings several times but never could make it to the hospital. Courtland, Harris, Piedmont Avenue. Fuck. It’s right there but I couldn’t find the fucking building or parking area themselves. Bear in mind that I had been up almost 24 hours by then and I moved out of Atlanta nineteen years ago. Three cars is heavy traffic for me. Somehow I ended up finding 85 south again and went the fuck home.

I have to take Riley to the vet this morning and then I will drive back downtown to find the hospital in the daylight after a quick stop at Google Maps. I feel dumb as hell sometimes. Heck, there wasn’t even a cop to be found to get directions from.