Thursday Thong

Today is the first day of my vacation and hopefully by this time tomorrow afternoon I will be on the beach in the Bahamas looking at the real thing.

Oh by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s a twofer.

Also by the way, NSFW (as if anything with THONG in the title would be considered safe)…



I don’t see any thong there, but what the hell…



4 throughts on "Thursday Thong"

  1. I heard Jesse Grund speak on another news show about the last time he saw Caylee Anthony. I was wondering if he was Caylee’s father. Has the father of this child come forth? I don’t know what happen to Casey Anthony but she is not acting like a mother that cares about her child. I wish she will just come out with the truth and stop playing games.

  2. he is not the bio father but he loved like his own so to me he is the daddy and nobody who the bio father is casey probably doesn’t even know she screwed around on jesse so much god bless jesse and caylee casey already tried to frame him once she might try again.

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