Sunday Open Trackback

This is the Sunday edition of the open track-back post. Open track-backs are a great way for you to share and show up your work. Just send a ping back to this post and your trackback will show up in the bottom of this entry.
As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently in the Bahamas. Hopefully on the beach and half drunk next to the beautiful wife. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend as much as I am and will see you folks in a couple of days if they can drag my ass back on the airplane.

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6 throughts on "Sunday Open Trackback"

  1. Email From Obama Supporter

    Out of the blue this morning, I received the following email from an Obama supporter. I had to share. Spelling etc. are exactly as I received the email. Her last name and email address are being withheld for obvious reasons:

  2. Dead-On Political Humor!

    I am not into rubber stamping, but my wife is. She passed on this little bit of political humor from one of her favorite stamping sites. Dear Paperlicious, I live in South Gambusta and am unfamiliar with the US system…

  3. How About A Trade

    Seems like the government of Mahmoud the Mad is demanding censorship of anti-Islamic speech here in the West. The Iranian government has called on the Dutch government to stop the screening of a film in the Netherlands blaspheming holy Quran….

  4. The Old White Party, Now That’s Rich

    Frank Rich, one of the idiots at the New York Times, has an opinion piece entitled The Grand Old White Party, where he discusses the GOP and John McCain. He depicts the GOP as a bunch of angry white men who exploit blacks in the south and southern rac…

  5. PizzaTorrent

    I just discovered a fairly new BitTorrent site, PizzaTorrent, that uses aggregation.It’s quick and easy…And of course you’ll need a torrent downloader; I use BitComet. Click to download.Trackposted …