Saturday Open Trackback

This is the Saturday edition of the open track-back post. Open track-backs are a great way for you to share and show up your work. Just send a ping back to this post and your trackback will show up in the bottom of this entry.
I should be in Nassau right now vacating so anything getting posted most likely will have been scheduled ahead of time. Please feel free to post some interesting links for everyone!

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6 throughts on "Saturday Open Trackback"

  1. Rosenthal Resigns

    I’ve started this post about three times since yesterday afternoon. I’ve dumped everything I’ve written each time — mainly because I’ve been unable to prevent myself from veering off into a profane rant against Chuck Roesnthal. After all, as I…

  2. Obama In A Bind Of His Own Making

    Obama insisted that other candidates adhere to campaign spending limits — but he has been raising cash like they don’t apply. Seems a wee bit hypocritical to me. And he is getting hammered for it. Hammering Senator Barack Obama for…

  3. $100,000 challenge to Larry Sinclair

    Norman Y. Lono for The New York Times
    Dan Parisi said back in 2004-that bidding for the domain name,, had reached $2 million.
    The Web site is offering Larry Sinclair a whopping $100,000. Apparently they think the man is …

  4. Berkeley vs USMC: More of the council on video.

    I will hold most of my commentary till another day, and let these people’s words speak for themselves.
    While Wozniak and several other try for some measure of reconciliation, Miao, Anderson and Spring want none of it.
    Meanwhile, a letter…