Eating’ the Conch Penis…

First check out the video…

We went down to Potter’s Cay early on Saturday afternoon. Actually we left the resort very early on Saturday and spent the morning walking around Nassau shopping and eating. It’s beautiful down there. I’ll tell you one thing though, fuck the walking and buses. Next time I take my own advice and drive, call a cab or rent scooters. I enjoyed the sites and being able to take pictures but we wasted about four hours on Saturday just walking so by the time we got back to Breezes I was ready for a nap.

After walking forever we got down to Potter’s Cay. Here’s what it looks like on the dry side.

Potter's Cay

I don’t guess anyone had used this boat in quite some time…

Nassau, Bahamas 101

This gull flew by at just the right moment…


These guys were playing dominoes right next to the conch salad booth where we stopped. I’ll tell you one thing, they take their dominoes seriously. NOT a child’s game at all.


I guess because of where I was sitting in the shade and the fact that it was so bright everywhere else, the exposures in a couple of these were really crappy. I had my dark shades on and wasn’t really paying attention or I would have most likely noticed in time to fix it. This is the dude that made the conch salad. He’s in the booth right next to the domino players and was extremely happy to chat with us while he made the salads. I forgot his damned name or I would have posted it here and told you guys to go visit him.

Nassau, Bahamas 105

The guy has been doing this for seventeen years. He buys conch from fishermen in the morning and makes salads all day long for both locals and tourists alike. Just a few bucks for a Heineken and Conch salad and it took both of us to eat it. Think cole slaw without the cabbage and with seafood. It really kicks ass. This is how he makes his living though and as he was so gracious and the food kicked so much ass I figured I would tell ya’ to go see him.

Conch Salad Ingredients

Those are the fixin’s above. He was making them two or three at a time to save on wasted food I am sure but for the three he made while we sat there He took and entire onion, a couple of tomatoes and a bell pepper and diced them up small, as well as one slice from a jabenero or some other type of hot pepper and a bit of sea salt. I found a recipe at the Hot Sauce Zone that has more involved ingredients and it sounds pretty good as well. Anyway he also diced up small a couple of fresh (raw) Conchs right out of the water behind his place, popped a hole in the shell to release the muscle that holds it in and pulled the damned thing out and started washing and cutting. After mixing all of the up he stuck it in a bowl and squeezed the juice out of a couple of limes and an orange as well. It was pretty damn refreshing after a hot walk to get down there.

Bridge to Paradise Island

Here are a couple of shots of Potter’s Cay from the water side.

Nassau, Bahamas 109

That big ugly pink thing behind the bridge? That’s the Atlantis resort. It’s not as close as it looks, it’s just fucking huge.

Oh yeah, the conch penis. The dude making the salad brings out these wiggly looking clear things to us and the bahamian sitting with his girlfriend right next to us. The other guy says “Conch Penis, better than Viagra” and down the fucker goes. I don’t think it’s the penis, but I ate it whatever the hell it was because I’m a guy and you can’t let one guy eat it and think you’re a pussy or anything. I wasn’t bad actually, supposedly has plenty of protein. Work like Viagra? I’ll never tattle…