ABC Wednesday

Wednesday must be meme day or something because there seem to several that I participate in on Wednesdays. When I remember anyway. This week’s post for ABC Wednesday is brought to you by the letter “N”. What’s “N” for? N is for Nassau because the trip is still fresh in my mind and I am…Read more

Superclubs Resorts

About a week after we got back from the Bahamas I was emailed a link from the hotel booking site I had used and asked to fill out a survey as well as leave a comment for other folks that might be going through it. We had such a great time I was more than…Read more

Fire In De Hole…

Walking through downtown Nassau we came across this in the window of one of the duty free liquor stores. I didn’t know whether to drink it or fuck it? Fire In De Hole Erotic Rum of the Bahamas. I didn’t buy it but somehow I have regretted it ever since. Although you are allowed to…Read more

Friday in the Bahamas

We got to the resort around noon and check-in isn’t until 3 so they stuck armbands on us and let us roam around to check the place out until we could get our room. We tried their native brewed, called Kalik. It pretty much sucked. If you like Budweiser with a higher alcohol content and more carbonation you might like Kalik. It was probably closer to Corona than Bud but it was still…

Eating’ the Conch Penis…

First check out the video… We went down to Potter’s Cay early on Saturday afternoon. Actually we left the resort very early on Saturday and spent the morning walking around Nassau shopping and eating. It’s beautiful down there. I’ll tell you one thing though, fuck the walking and buses. Next time I take my own…Read more

Almost Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s day is a darned joke. Up until he late sixties the Catholic Church recognized almost a dozen different Valentine’s Days, named so after Christian martyrs. Our current Valentine’s Day comes from two of them named Valentine and is supposed to be a saints day commemorating Saint Valentine. During the time of that dirty old…Read more

Breezes Bahamas

So I’ve booked the hotel for next month. I got one of those all-inclusive packages because, well, alcohol can get mighty expensive and it’s included as well. Not that I am a lush or anything, that’s only when I am on vacation. Oh, wait, that is my vacation. I have permission to be a lush…Read more

In 45 Days I Will Be Here…

I had almost forgotten to post about it but that last review I did on Costa Rica real estate reminded me. I booked our flights to Nassau, the Bahamas this morning prior to going to work. I start my vacation on February 14th and I was actually looking for flight information to Key West but…Read more