The Last Sitting

As much as I’ve been reading and hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s now famous photo shoot with Bert Stern (the photographer that did Marylin’s last photo shoot) you would have thought she hosted Jesus at the last supper. And why? It’s a poor imitation of an extremely sensual set of photos.

You can check out Lohan’s photos over at New York Magazine. Have you ever seen the ones of Marylin Monroe. Lohan is missing something vital in the photos. Marylin Monroe looks sensual, naughty, like she was having fun. Lindsay Lohan just looks like she’s trying to be something she’s not. A very poor imitation.

3 throughts on "The Last Sitting"

  1. Marylin had an innocence that is no longer found in H’wood. Everything is so manufactured there today, which is why I think Lohan’s pictures are getting attention. You can’t recreate what Marylin Monroe had. It seems to be rubbing people the wrong way that Lohan is trying to do just that, and for what are the wrong reasons.

    I’ve only glanced at LiLo’s pics–I am soooo tired of her. She needs to go away!

  2. I don’t know about innocence, but she did have some qualities that LL is missing. The thing that most people don’t understand about Marylin Monroe is that she would have been in the tabloids right along with Britney, Lindsay and Paris if she were alive today.

    As a matter of fact when she died from the overdose of pills, she had recently been through a divorce, was out partying all the time, was even drunk during the photo shoot, had been kicked off of a movie prior to it. She was brilliant and tortured all at the same time.

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