Wordless Wednesday: A Little Devilment

Wordless Wednesday: Tin Toys

Wordless Wednesday: Donald and Daisy

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Wordless Wednesday – 1969…

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Wordless Wednesday – Water Fun

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Wordless Wednesday: Hummingbird

Wordles Wednesday: Hibiscus Girl


Snake Originally uploaded by rmiles Anyone want some stew? We noticed this thing lying in the driveway yesterday morning so of course I had to go out and get a picture. By the time I left yesterday evening the damned thing was pretty nasty. There is an area outside of my parking lot between the…Read more

ABC Wednesday

Wednesday must be meme day or something because there seem to several that I participate in on Wednesdays. When I remember anyway. This week’s post for ABC Wednesday is brought to you by the letter “N”. What’s “N” for? N is for Nassau because the trip is still fresh in my mind and I am…Read more

Wordless Wednesday