Workin’ at the car wash

Today was actually a pretty decent day. I was a bit stressed out but only had one smoke this morning. I may be getting the hang of this thing after all.

I really haven’t done a heck of a lot this evening since I got off work. I stopped to wash the car, guess that was the highlight of excitement on this spring-like evening. It was around 60 when I left work and I was able to ride with the windows down and the sunroof open. Very nice.

Mr Stretchy Cat has been allowing Pete to drag him around the house in a laundry basket this evening. It’s hilarious. There is a heart shaped red balloon tied to the basket by a string which is what the cat wants and why he is allowing the indignity.

Although the wife is watching TV I have been going back and forth between watching and surfing the web, mainly news sites. I am also back at scanning photographs as well. A couple of them here.

This one was taken 21 years ago. I have posted about driving my friend Chris back to California at the end of his leave. This was shot at an overlook at the Grand Canyon as we passed through the area. Couldn’t very well be near the Grand Canyon and not stop to at least take a picture, now could we?

Richie at the Grand Canyon

I hate that this one has faded a bit. The exposure was off and using a cheap camera as well I am sure. This is Pete and the boys washing my 1972 Duster. This picture is probably eight or nine years old I suppse.

workin' at the car wash

Going to keep on scanning, maybe it will give me something to post tomorrow 🙂