Leather Jackets

My biggest Christmas present this past year was a new leather jacket. I love my jackets. My friends and a girlfriend chipped in and bought my first one for my 18th birthday. I still have it. Well, the Marine does anyway. I can’t zip it up around my gut anymore unfortunately. 23 years ago I had that washboard gut look, now it’s a bit more warped, thus the new coat. I’ve always like bikes if you couldn’t tell from pictures. As a matter of fact, here’s one of the Marine and myself about 18 years ago.

Chris and Richie 1990.jpg

Makes me feel kind of old, actually.

If you’re interested in finding a decent leather supplier you might want to check out The Bazaar Online. They have leather motorcycle jackets as well as just about anything else you might want including chaps and pants, vests, boots, gloves, wallets, purses and packs. The’ve also got a selection of novelty helmets and DOT approved helmets as well. Go check out the catalog if you are interested. I like the fact that they process orders the same day and offer the lowest price guarantee around.

Just remember, I don’t have a vest that fits anymore, and I need a pair of boots. Father’s day is coming and I wear size 10…